Friday, 30 December 2011


Short spikey hairstyles for women give a new look to those who are fed up of their traditional straight hairs. Short spikey hairstyles for women are suitable for almost all faces. Short spikey hairstyles for women can be made with hairs of all lengths but the uppermost layer should remain short. No matter whatever your hair texture is, this hairstyle will suit you. As men have different varieties in spikey hairstyles similarly women can style their hairs variously in spikey hairstyles. 

Short spikey hairstyles for women include some popular styles of spikes with short curly hairstyles, straight hair and wavy hair. Hairstylists recommend using of good hair care products for maintaining and getting volume of hair. Short shaggy hairstyles is made with the help of mousse, gel and hair spray. This hairstyle gives a very funky look to the girls. Proper hair care and trimming is necessary to maintain this hairstyle.

Women must consider their face shape before they try short spikey hairstyles for women. Short spikey hairstyle will not suit on women with oval and long faces because this hairstyle will make their faces look longer. If they want to make this hairstyle then they must get their hairs cut in layers around the chin to balance the cut. Short spikey hairstyle for women look great on round faces as this hairstyle will enhance the features of face by making the top prominent.
Short spikey hairstyles
Young girls and teenagers like this hairstyle due to their desire to look glamorous. Short hairstyles 2012 for women can be easily made at home with the help of gel or mousse or you can get the help of a hair stylist to form clean spikes. If you want to make short spikey hairstyles for women at home then all you need is to dry your hairs and separate them in parts. 
Short spikey hairstyles
Now take some gel or mousse and apply to the part and make spikes of your choice. Let the gel dry and you are done with short spikey hairstyles for women. If you have medium short length of hair you can tie them at back or on the side.
Short spikey hairstyles
If you want to make spikey hairstyle on curly hairs then you have to straight your hairs with the help of flat iron and then follow the above procedure. There is a wide variety of spikey hairstyles for women to choose from as every style looks nice and beautiful.

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